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Anthony Ventura (Vice President of Casino Operations) 
Jamul, California

Allyson and Chad


"We would like to take this opportunity to thank-you both for exceeding our expectations in producing exceptional individuals for our staffing needs since we opened 2 years ago.

The pride and professionalism you both have shown time and time again is the reason we rely on your services and expertise exclusively. You care about the quality of dealers you produce and you have first hand knowledge of what is needed in our ever-evolving industry. The individuals whom are trained by The Casino Institute will no doubt be empowered with the skill set and confidence to succeed in the casino table games profession.

To date over 40% of our table games employees are graduates from The Casino Institute and that is a very impressive percentage!

Thank you again Allyson and Chad for your continued support and for providing us with highly skilled and motivated individuals!"

Anton Flores (Table Games Manager) 07/14/2018
Sante Fe, New Mexico

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for The Casino Institute located in beautiful San Diego, California.

Chad Barnett and Allyson Ott are highly skilled and experienced professionals who know their business and the needs of the casinos and individuals they train. The training they administer is highly professional, thorough and even customizable for the individual; not to mention - fun!" Not only will students learn how to deal and supervise all of the most popular table games, but the focus of the "whys" is implemented into every aspect of the training so that the student understands the importance of the task at hand. From mechanics to game protection, the importance of a team effort and the necessity of providing excellent customer service, it is all emphasized and clearly laid out at The Casino Institute. Students can be assured that they will walk out of those doors with the skills and confidence to succeed in whatever new venture they plan to take on in the table games and casino profession.  

I was particularly impressed with how personable Chad and Allyson are. It is not all about the training, it is about developing a relationship with their students and clients. Isn't that what business is all about?...Relationships? So, not only is The Casino Institute an excellent school that focuses on casino training, it is also a great model for any business in general in my strong opinion. This is evident by the continued connection they maintain with their students and clients. In my experience, they will also go out of their way to introduce the student to their network of clientele, casino personnel and great friends in general, like everybody is a part of an ever growing family.  

I have been in the gaming business for 23 years and have attended uncountable training's, seminars, workshops, etc. My experience at The Casino Institute is one that will stick out and that I will hold onto throughout the remainder of my career.

casino dealer school
Allen Esparza (Table Games Manager) 01/10/2017
Valley Center, California

"I have been doing business with Allyson and Chad from The Casino Institute for many years. I have found them to have the utmost respect for the casino industry as a whole and they have never fallen short to produce top quality dealers for my staffing needs. I recommend The Casino Institute to any individual looking to forward their career and attain top notch training in the process."

casino dealer school
Doug Tomasini (Table Games Manager) 07/21/2013
Pala, California


"As always, you do an outstanding job with your students. They are always extremely professional in both appearance and demeanor, their communication is great and their dealing abilities are very good. I have to say that you turn out the best students in Southern California. You are the best! "


Best Regards,

Doug Tomasini

casino dealer school
David Chelette (General Manager at Santa Ysabel Casino) 11/08/2011
Santa Ysabel, California

"We at Santa Ysabel Casino have held a great working relationship with The Casino Institute since we opened. Allyson and her staff are very professional and they take pride in their work. They care about the quality of dealers they produce, which is why we use them exclusively. We recently used her company for casino consulting and training for our Table Games Department and would give high recommendations as would my colleagues from other casinos.

Out of all the schools I visited in the past, The Casino Institute uses the best equipment and the school is always clean when I make visits for prospective employees. I couldn't be happier with the service they have provided our Casino."

casino dealer school
Dale Wolfe (Poker Room Manager) 03/08/2012
Alpine, California

Hello Allyson and Chad,

"I wanted to thank you again for providing us with the dealers to make the East County's Posse Tournament a success. Without your help we wouldn't have been able to pull it off."


Dale Wolfe

Denise Swanhart  03/02/2019
Santee, California

I can't say enough good things about The Casino Institute.  Less than six months ago, my daughter and I walked in to the school and spoke with Allyson Ott. That same day, we signed up, and began shuffling cards. That was the best decision we made. The owners and instructors are top notch, grade A, top-of-the-line, most professional, awesome individuals. In the short amount of time I was at the school, I witnessed Allyson work tirelessly for all her students setting them up for interviews and auditions. Both her and Chad Barnett are well respected in the casino community and prepare their students to be dealers at the highest level. 

Being a table games dealer has always been a dream of mine, and thanks to The Casino Institute (and a lot of hard work on my part), my dream has come true. If your desire or dream is to become a casino dealer, I highly recommend The Casino Institute.

Amanda Starke  03/14/2019
San Diego, California

I went here 5 years ago and it was definitely the best decision I have ever made as far as my schooling and career. Allyson is very strict, gets you ready for the real cut throat dealing world, and is very good at helping you find the right casino for you. Chad and the other instructors are all very knowledgeable and helpful. Even with all these useful resources, it's up to YOU if you're willing to put in the work. As you can see in the mixed reviews this isn't for everyone. This type of school takes a lot of self discipline. This is because it's a school where you get taught a game and just practice practice practice. You can practice for as long as you want as often as you want, during business hours of course, but it's up to you. The instructors are there to guide you. I learned this the hard way too but quickly learned and have been dealing for 4 1/2 years now. Give it a try if you think you got what it takes. :)

casino dealer school
Tom Hanson
San Diego, California

"It is with great enthusiasm that I give this recommendation to Chad Barnett, CFO at The Casino Institute. Rarely have I come across someone in my professional career who has proven himself on a level that Chad has to me in his knowledge, mastery and expertise in the Casino and Gaming Industry. As someone who has chosen this path as my second career, I am very fortunate to have found myself under the tutelage of Chad and the rest of the instructors at The Casino Institute as I move forward in my education within the industry. Chad helps to set an environment conducive to positive learning and accurate and precise techniques all while maintaining and teaching Gaming Policies and Procedures."

casino dealer school
Herschell Halal
Chula Vista, California

Allyson is the freakin BEST! She helped me get through school and as hard as she can be, she kept her promises and she really helps you get a job! The teachers are great, they are very smart and helpful and as long as you can take the critique, you will do good in the industry. You meet new people and you learn so much, I highly recommend this dealing school to anyone looking into this field!

casino dealer school
Candida Duenas
Escondido, California

"This is the best place to learn about working in a casino. It's hard to get into a really good job if you're a break-in dealer. This school will perfect you in every way and give you the tools you need to succeed. My friend Janet Pegg, who is a boxwomen at Pala Casino said, "that school turns out the best break-ins I've ever seen." She's been in the business for fifty years!"

casino dealer school
Jeff Callejo
San Diego, California

"10 out of 10
If you want to get started in the casino industry, The Casino Institute is the best solution. Learn how to proficiently deal every table game with proper game procedure; progress as fast as you'd like. TCI will go above and beyond to prepare students for interviews, auditions, and job placement. They have several great locations with ample parking and the equipment is like-new. I've been in the casino industry since 1990 and have not seen a finer establishment. These guys are awesome!"

casino dealer school
Troy Martin
San Diego, California

I have only great things to say about The Casino Institute. Chad and Allyson are both genuinely incredible people and they do an outstanding job with each and every individual. I was very impressed by their professionalism and resources they provide...I highly recommend this facility to anyone serious about being a professional table games dealer!!!

casino dealer school
Tim McDonald Jr.
San Diego, California

"If you want to be a dealer at a casino this is the place to go. Yes you can go to another school for a little less money, but you get what you pay for. The training here is top of the line. They will teach you everything you need to know and more to start your new career as a casino dealer. Allyson works hard to get every single person a job... you'll even get to pick the casino you want to go to and she will prepare you for that casino and walk you through everything including the interviews. How easier can it get? Yes sometimes Allyson is hard on you but you're representing her school, and if she puts you on blast, don't take it personal, and if you do take things too personal, maybe the casino industry isn't for you. I remember the first time I looked up this school I was still thinking if I wanted to try it out or not. I went over to Sycuan Casino and talked to a blackjack dealer telling him that I was thinking of going to dealing school and he said,  "Don't think, just go"... and its funny... that's exactly what I did and I love dealing. You can still go to college while you deal if you want and you will probably be making a lot more than anyone else."

casino dealer school
Steve Byrne
Chula Vista, California

"This school by far is the leader in training for The Casino industry. The owners are very knowledgeable of industry and extremely friendly; the staff are extremely professional and can whip just about anyone into a top notch dealer that will make you stand out from the rest when interviewing for you new career. The facilities are kept very professional and clean. This school is fun as well as educational to the point it will be a home away from home as you prepare for you next journey in life. I have been here for just over 2 months and am just about ready to go for my new career in the industry with the up most confidence that I will shine like a diamond in front of hiring managers."

casino dealer school
John Palacio
Mission Hills, California

"As for the Casino Institute, I have been a student there and I can tell you they CARE about how well you do because they TRULY WANT you to get better and find a job. After all, their reputation is on the line for creating capable dealers. DUH!
So check it out because this is the best opportunity for you to get into the casino industry!"

casino dealer school
Sheldon Smith
San Diego, California

"If you are looking for an exciting career making $50K or more a year, look no further than The Casino Institute. In just a few month's time at TCI, you will become skilled enough to pass an audition and gain employment as a dealer. You will receive training from highly knowledgeable instructors with decades of experience in the gaming industry. Their invaluable experience will give you an edge over the competition when it comes time to get a job. Unlike other schools, TCI provides superior job placement assistance with interview preparation and getting their students set up with auditions. The owner will work hard to find you a job. I can say without question, the best choice I have ever made was to attend TCI. All I had to do was come to school, listen and practice and I was able to get a job within 3 month's because of the excellent training I received here. There is no need to hesitate. With the outstanding instruction and job placement assistance, you can be the next success story at The Casino Institute."

casino dealer school
Janny Lam
San Diego, California

"The Casino Institute is the number ONE casino dealing school in San Diego. It offers flexible schedules for day and evening classes including blackjack, poker, baccarat, craps and roulette. As a former student in this school, I liked the atmosphere similar to what I would find in a real casino such as the tables and chips. Moreover, all of my instructors: Allyson, Chad, Erik and Steve have great knowledge and experience in the gaming industry. They are very dedicated to providing us (students) personal training and to ensure us knowing all the games and procedures. After three months in school I gained sufficient knowledge and skills to be employed in a casino... and guess what!!! I got a job right away after three months in school. =P

I would like to say THANKS to all of my instructors from TCI. YOU ARE THE BEST EVER!"

casino dealer school
Gina Scripcariu
San Diego, California

"The Casino Institute is the school where you want to go if you want to be a professional dealer. Allyson, Chad and Steve have great knowledge and experience. They are strict, in a good way, because they want you to actually learn how to deal. I have been in school for three months and I just got a job in one of the casinos. Yayyy!!!

Thank you ALLYSON for telling me that I have actually an audition. I applied on-line, but I never got an answer. She was the one who told me that I have an audition and at what time. Before I had my audition, STEVE came in on his day off (Sunday) to get us ready (me and some other students). One more time, Thank you, Steve for that. CHAD you are awesome! You are so calm, so patient... I don't know how u do it!

Thank you TCI! U guys really care about your students. U guys rock!"

casino dealer school
Brittany Urbanski
San Diego, California

"This is the best school hands down if you really want to know all the odds and ends from real professionals. plus its fun:))"

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