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Casino Consulting

We offer a full range of casino consulting services for the Table Games and Surveillance Department. The Casino Institute recent casino consulting contracts included but were not limited to:

Table Games Dealer Training

Floor Supervisor Training

Surveillance Staff Training

Game Protection Review for all Table Games

New Game Implementation

Cheating and Scam Detection, Prevention and Training

Policy & Procedure Review and Revisions 

Personnel Evaluation and Testing

Game Pace Audits

Assistance with Interviews and Auditions

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Dealers are the first line of defense when it comes to the Table Games Department.

It's the consensus of many veteran casino employees in the Table Games Department that the art of dealing has become a dying art. There was a time when the croupier, highly trained in dealing techniques and knowledgeable in detecting basic player cheat moves and the game protection used to prevent them, was respected and in demand. This is not the case anymore. When it comes to the dealer, mediocrity is the norm and customer service is usually preferred. Although customer service should be a priority with any front line employee, game protection should never be overlooked.

With the mass explosion of new casinos and expansions over the last few decades, dealers have been mass produced. This created a weak work force due to fast track training usually led by inexperienced trainers and upper management's need to have a body with a pulse behind the table. The need for floor supervisors was also in high demand. Years ago the floor supervisor was highly respected because they had years of experience and extensive knowledge before ever being promoted. Nowadays dealers with little or no experience have been promoted or forced into floor supervisor and dual rate positions. This scenario has led to a weak team in regards to game protection and overall protection of assets in the second highest revenue creating department.

casino consulting
casino consulting
casino consulting
casino consulting

The lack of incentive is another issue that contributes to weak help. Unless a dealer is working at a “keep your own” casino, all dealers make the same amount of money whether or not they take the initiative to learn additional games such as Craps and Roulette. Since mediocrity is tolerated, the only dealers that will excel are the ones who have pride in their work. The irony is that it’s virtually impossible to get fired nowadays due in large part to Human Resources. If you want to have the best crew, they must have clear policies and procedures in place and the only way to accomplish these goals is with routine evaluations and secret shoppers. The best results are produced with outside consultants that help to eliminate bias that is common when done in-house. When dealers understand that there are consequences for their lack of performance; their competence and customer service skills can only improve, which in turn, increases the Table Games Departments bottom line.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Casinos are Outsourcing Surveillance and Table Games Training in Today’s Market.

Advantages of Outsourcing:


Training is Not the Casinos Core Business:

For many casinos, training is a necessity. But the implementation, management and delivery of such training can be a distraction within the department. The Casino Institute’s everyday core business is training!

Time Management:

A manager’s time is valuable and though the benefits may outweigh the time spent, some managers may be unwilling to train employees due to other daily job obligations and pressures associated with the new training responsibilities. In some instances though, we have seen managers eagerly step up and offer to train, but in most instances, the end product was ineffective and not cost efficient. This is largely due to lack of training experience, techniques and an unclear understanding of class structure. By delegating the training to an outside trainer, the employees and company still benefit from the training, and managers are able to attend to their daily job duties.

More Effective Training Techniques:

Outside consultants and professional trainers have stronger skills in teaching and training than the management and supervisors within the organization. Training is their specialty, and an outside trainer will be up to speed on all of the newest techniques.

Mitigate Risk: Training helps prevent failures and helps protect the casino from liabilities of being sued if it doesn’t provide the right training to its employees. Training reduces that risk. It’s easy to see that using a company who specializes in training could help prevent unnecessary failure costs.

Improve Scale-ability of Resources:

Running an internal training organization requires people of various levels of skills and talent. Full-time internal staff is a fixed resource. But training is a variable activity. Using an external training consultant allows you to flex the number of resources to deliver the training you need - when you need them. It allows your company to scale up and down based on the demand of training you need.

New Eyes:

An outside consultant may provide valuable insight into inefficiencies overlooked due to the daily “routine” activities by current staff. Adjustments to policies and procedures and other details that may be overlooked by current staff could be just a few key points that “new eyes” could lend a hand in assisting the department in bringing up their game. Pun intended.

Change of Venue:

Off-site training held at The Casino Institute Campus provides a distraction-free environment for employees who may be pulled back into work when the training is provided at their main place of employment.

surveillance training
surveillance training
surveillance training

The question that casino management must ask is,

"Is our team prepared and trained to detect a problem before it's too late?"

Is your Table Games and Surveillance department familiar with many of the basic cheating techniques below and the ways to detect and prevent them? If not, please contact us for a free consultation to show how we can train and prepare your team for success.

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Card Marking

False Shuffles







Chip-Cup Scam

Dealer Collusion

Player Collusion

Cooler Deck


Dice Switching

Soft Play

Stacking the Deck


Dealing Seconds

Base Dealing

Going South

Luminous Doubs

Juice Dust

Holding Out


casino surveillance training
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